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Services Offered by Us

Projects and power electronic assemblies and instrumentation.
Testing materials, equipment and electrical machines, for which it has teams like Megger 10 KV, 70 kV Hipot, TTR, tangent delta, microhommetro, testing equipment and protective relay test switches.
Consultancy for a good use of resources and power quality testing service package supplied by the distributors. We have certified measurement equipment to measure energy consumption parameters.
Advising on acquisition and installation of backup power and cogeneration, as well as installation, preventive and corrective maintenance thereof.
Facilities design and construction of electric power distribution for industrial, institutional and civil works.
Engineering studies:

• Measurement of ground resistivity
• Calculation of ground grids
• Levels of short on power installations,
• Lighting levels.
Maintenance of electrical equipment:

• Transformers.
• Engines.
• Power electronic equipment.
• Switchgear.
Electromechanical assemblies.
Electromechanical projects and advice on equipment sizing.



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