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Among the major works carried out by us can name the following:


Client: Frival S.A., Valdivia.

• Design and construction of new deboning plant.
• Design and construction of new power distribution Valdivia plant.
• Extension of substation and feeder 600 kVA at low voltage.
• Supply and installation of 500 kVA generator for generating during the peak period.
• Design and construction of computer network.
• Study of saving electricity.

Industrial Society Kunstmann S.A., Valdivia.

• Study of saving electricity.
• Supply and installation of 810 KVA generator for generating during peak hours.
• Automated packaging plant.
• electrical extension mill construction of new feeder and distribution cabinets.
• Relocation and expansion of 950 kVA substation.
• Construction of underground medium-voltage power supply at 23 kV.

Client: Temsa, Los Lagos.

• Study • Expanding new electric dryers.
New manufacturing plant distribution • The Lagos.
• Study of saving electricity.
• Supply and installation of two generators of 810 and 500 kVA for generation during peak hours.

Client: Ganasur, Puerto Montt.

• Study of saving electricity.
• Supply and installation of a 300 KVA generator for generating during peak hours.

Client: Ilustre Municipalidad de Valdivia.

• Design and construction of lighting systems in the city of Valdivia.
• Construction of new power distribution board and lighting Municipal Coliseum.
• Maintenance of public lighting.

Client: Sigdo Koppers S.A.

• Supply and installation of substations chores of 1,700 kVA.
• Construction of medium voltage line tasks of 3.7 km.
• Provision of capacitive bank of 300 kVAr. medium voltage.
• Design and construction of low voltage network for feeding camp.
• Rental of crane mounted Valdivia cellulose plant.

Client: Consotium Delta-DSD.

• Supply and installation of substations of 700 kVA tasks.
• Supply and installation of medium voltage underground line, 23 kV, 300 meters.

Client: Infodema S.A.

• Expansion Project 600 kVA substation, construction.
• Design and construction of new medium voltage feeder and substation within 400 kVA.
• Design and construction of new feeders into the ground.

Client: Boards Nobel S.A.

• Design and construction of medium voltage distribution within the plant and substations of 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 kVA.
• Electric project in low voltage distribution for particleboard and plant construction.
• Project power plant control and construction conglomerates.

Client: Saesa, Valdivia.

• Construction of underwater feeder Rio Calle Calle.
• Construction of underwater feeder Rio Valdivia.
• Installation of distribution substation.
• Construction of FNDR projects in different parts of the X region.
• Construction of voltage regulator stations in medium voltage.
• Construction of drawers.
• Verification of quality customer service.
• Emergency care at delivery failures.

Client: Cran Chile S.A..

• Expansion of 1,750 kVA substation and medium voltage internal power supply.
• Draft plan for sand control.
• Construction of 150 KVA substation and distribution pump room.
• Preventive maintenance of 150 KVA generator.
• Corrective Maintenance 50 kVA generator.
• Design and construction of plant control system sandbox.
• Design and construction of plant electrification Paillaco
• Design and construction of irrigation Paillaco electrification.

Client: University Austral de Chile S.A.

• Project and construction of different distribution substations Teja Island campus, totaling approximately 1,450 kVA.
• Calculation and installation of capacitor banks at medium voltage.
• Improved distribution medium voltage.

Client: Oportus y Manns.

• Construction of medium voltage lines and substations in cellular network sites, and closed Buenaventura Villarrica volcano.
• Measuring and reporting land in 40 sites of cellular network.

Client: Agriculture and Forestry Quilche S.A..

• Design, materials supply and construction of pump rooms 7 and 9 distribution substations.
• Construction of the distribution of 5 km medium-voltage, 23 kV.

Client: Industries Fourcade S.A.

• Draft new medium voltage electrical distribution plan Loncoche.
• Construction of 1,200 KVA substation and two 500 KVA.
• Construction of underground medium voltage feeders.
• Construction of facilities in low voltage distribution.
• Standardization of facilities.



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